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    Beaufort County Senior Leadership Program "A Voyage of Discovery" course introduces participants to the unique history and culture of the County. They visit educational institutions, military bases, and public safety operations. 

    What experiences will you have in the Senior Leadership Program?  Of great importance is the opportunity to hear form from local "movers and shakers" with approximately 100 or more speakers during the three-month program.  You will hear from government officials, community leaders, art associations, health and human services providers, educators, public policy makers, environmentalists, and various experts.

    There are many opportunities to meet new people and establish new friends.  We include several social opportunities and encourage individuals to talk and share their experiences during morning coffee and various breaks throughout the day. 

   We promote the idea of the leadership program being an active learning experience.  Are you concerned about a specific problem, situation, or opportunity in Beaufort County? Join in an effort to "Make a Difference" in your community.  Small groups work together during the class on a project or proposal decided by you and members of your group to make a positive impact.


 Program alumni have made significant contributions of their time and talents to improving the welfare and quality of life of the citizens of Beaufort County. This is a large comprehensive program involving lots of volunteers.  We typically interact with 150 to 200 individuals to make this program successful. 


    To maintain the program, we ask the graduates of the program to plan and develop the schedule, venue, and speakers for the following year. With this volunteer cooperation and innovation, the program stays relevant and fresh. The participation and willingness of the group to recruit new students speaks volumes about the program's overall success.


 Applications are being accepted for the upcoming program,

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